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Big Green Panther lives!

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NH Optical Systems reports successful early tests. We expect the test report and turnover package on Friday 3/29/2013.

Big Green Panther comprises a renewable 20-year IRU on 12 strands of G.652D (best quality) singlemode fiber. It connects the USNH/UMS optical-network node at 1 Sundial Manchester:

to Plymouth State University

to Dartmouth Etna Data Center Lebanon

to Dartmouth campus - 10Vox Lane Hanover.

Turnup of DWDM network on the BGP is tentatively scheduled with Ciena for the week of April 15th.

This will provide a 10G wave each from:

1. PSU to UNH

2. Dartmouth EDC to NoX Cambridge (for Dartmouth)

3. Dartmouth EDC to NoX Cambridge (for UVM)

4. UNH to Dartmouth EDC (for UNH to Albany via UVM wave)

5. Multiple waves for the IBEAM Carrier Ethernet network

The Big Green Panther is funded by the National Science Foundation (08-570) through a collaboration of the NorthEast Cyberinfrastructure Consortium. The attached map is from 2010. The NIH link to Keene went live in 2009.